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The new CIOFF Youth Coordination Committee (YCC).

Greek CIOFF Youth Movement wishes success to all members and especially to Nikos Papapesios, one of the basic members of Greek Movement and the first from Greece who gets the important position of Vice – president in the field of Culture in the World CIOFF Youth Coordination Committee (YCC). The members of Greek Movement will support and help the new YCC and cooperate with it in order to attain the objectives of CIOFF.

1.Chairman : Antoninho Mallozzi

2.N. American Sector : Felicia Jin

3.Latin American Sector : Yazmin Muro Müller

4.N. European Sector: Kaia Karner

5.Central European Sector: Masa Kumperger

6.S. European & African Sector: Jessica Lagarde

7.Asian and Oceanian Sector : Beyza Gökcan Göktaş

8.Cultural Commission : Nikos Papapesios

9.Festival Commission : Giulia Ciuffa

10.Communication & P.R. : Benoît Pascal

11.Legal Commission : Felicia Jin

12.Committee on Children : Beyza Gökcan Göktaş

13.Committee on Folkloriada : Orlando Casas Valdés: Orlando Casas Valdes

14.Committee on Trainning & Education : DiLara Meral Eroğlu



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